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  • What is EMT CONDUIT and do I need to use it for my project?

    EMT conduit is a common type of conduit and is made of aluminium and coated steel. This type of conduit has a thin wall and it replaces the galvanized conduit. Apart from being flexible, EMT conduit is more affordable also.   Read More>

  • Flexible conduit
    Flexible conduit

    Flexible conduit is a aceway that is circular in cross section, flexible, metallic and liquidtight without a nonmetallic jacket.   Read More>

  • Seamless pipes
    Seamless pipes

    Seamless pipe is manufactured by extruding the metal to the desired length,does not have any joint in its cross-section through-out its length.   Read More>

  • emt conduit
    emt conduit

    The electrical metallic tubing(EMT), sometimes called thin-wall, is commonly used instead of galvanized rigid conduit(GRC), as it is less costly and lighter than GRC.   Read More>

  • what is ERW pipe
    what is ERW pipe

    ERW stands for Electric Resistance welded pipe. A plate rolled to become a pipe and welded using Electric Resistance Welding process. Usully for for high diemeter. (cheapest process avaiable)   Read More>

  • galvanized steel coil
    galvanized steel coil

    Steel coil, raw materials of steel products. Accorading to different process, divided into pre-galvanied and hot dip galvanized.   Read More>

  • Pre-galvanized spiral pipe discription

    Pre-galvanized Spiral pipe combines the economies of light gauge metal with a spiral lockseam construction that assures maximum strength and rigidity.   Read More>

  • Strut channel
    Strut channel

    Strut channel is made by hot-rolled coil cold-formed processing, thin wall, light weight, excellent performance cross-section, high strength.   Read More>

  • Pu pre-insulated pipe
    Pu pre-insulated pipe

    pu pre-insulated spiral steel pipe
    Designed for transporting the liquid or gaseous fludis for cold and hot temperatures. Because it is high quality, workmanship, safety and durability, it is a good choice for the pipe system used in chemical industry, food industry, cold industry and so on.   Read More>