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Will aluminum EMT conduit gradually replace steel EMT conduit?

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Will aluminum EMT conduit gradually replace steel EMT conduit?

Lonwow innovative aluminum EMT (Electrical Metallic Tubing) offers significant advantages over steel EMT. A less expensive, lighter-weight option than steel, aluminum EMT provides excellent, durable and long life wire protection in a wide range of commercial applications.

Advantages of aluminum EMT conduit:

1、Thin-walled and lightweight (just 1/3 the weight of steel EMT), for easy handling and installation, can 35% to 75% labor savings

2、Fast and simple cutting and bending on the job site with metallurgical processing to minimize flattening, buckling and splitting

3、Listed to UL 797A Safety Standard and in compliance with all electrical code requirements

4、Superior finished outer appearance, smooth internal surface from extrusion process with no weld line

5、Corrosion resistant aluminum won’t rust, discolor, or streak

6、keep your project looking better longer

7、Connects quickly with standard EMT fittings

8、Available in standard trade sizes 1/2”though 4”inch

Recommended Installation Practices:

1、Cutting: A hacksaw is recommended to cut trade sizes 1-1/4 and smaller. Larger trade sizes can be cut with power cut-off equipment.

2、Bending: Standard EMT benders, one size larger than the size of the conduit, should be used on conduit trade sizes 1 and smaller. For sizes over trade size 1, conventional equipment is recommended.

3、Threading: Sharp dies and conventional cutting oil should be used for aluminum conduit. A general purpose emulsifiable oil can provide excellent results.

4、Fittings: Aluminum fittings are recommended; however, cadmium plated or galvanized fittings are satisfactory for most installations.

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