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Why does the Lonwow factory strictly produce EMT tubes?

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Why does the Lonwow factory strictly produce EMT tubes?

There is more to the average piece of steel than most people think.  Properly engineered steel is much more durable and corrosive resistant than steel even produced as little as 20 years ago. 

Changes in the steel industry mean that factories and manufacturers have to remain on the cutting edge of new steel technologies.  The Lonwow Industry Co., Ltd. is doing just that as a world leader in the steel pipe manufacturing industry.

Creating steel pipe for a variety of industries, the Lonwow Industry Co., Ltd. steel pipe is designed, tested and produced in some of the leading steel manufacturing plants in all of China.  The company’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility has the finest EMT conduit in the world and the many customers around the world ordering on daily basis support this fact.

Customers can be sure that all of the steel pipes from Lonwow are tested and certified to specific standards by quality control specialists both internal and external.  The company routinely brings in third party inspection services and quality testers to ensure the steel pipe leaving the factory not only meets their standards of production and quality, but also those of their valued customers.

Their EMT conduit meets the requirements for the U.S. and most of Europe as well as other countries across the world.  It is common to see new Lonwow EMT conduit in stores, on new construction, and in remodeling projects.

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