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Why are we using electrical conduit pipes?

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Why are we using electrical conduit pipes?

The electrical conduits are used to protect the electrical cables. Electricity is one of the dangerous thing in the world. Even though the conductors that carry the current is insulated by some PVC covered materials or rubber, the insulating material is not strong enough to protect the cable from damage.

When the insulation is damaged, the electrical conductor inside may be exposed to touch or it can also unintentionally come into contact with things that can carry electric current. This scenario would present a high risk of electric shocks. Therefore, we protect the electrical cables so that they do not present the dangers of electric shocks to people.

A second reason to protect the electrical cables is to make sure the electrical system stays reliable. When the cable PVC covering is damaged, the conducting metal can come into contact with other metals that are in contact with earth. When this happens, the leakage protection of the electrical system will automatically trip the circuit breaker controlling the circuit whose cable has been damaged.

Damaged electric wiring cables can cause this tripping at time we need the electricity most. Therefore, electrical conduits are used to provide this reliability.

Electrical conduit must be installed rigid, permanent and without sag. It should also be able last with integrity for the design life of the building. What if the building can last 50 years? Should the conduit installation be able to last 50 years also?  Well, if it can, then we did the proper installation or we have a luck. Whatever, electrical wiring system will not be good enough 50 years from the time the building is constructed.

Technology change, how people use electricity change, the personal taste and preference of the people occupying a building space and design also change. All this will result in the need to renovate the building, and most likely the electrical wiring system also. The electrical conduit pipe system would not need to last 50 years. However, it should be last in 30 years.

Therefore, once installed, the electrical conduit should be rigid, permanent and strong.   Electrical installation specifications usually specify the maximum distance between conduit saddles. Distance between the one to another saddle is 900 mm to 1100mm. It varies about country.

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