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Why aluminum EMT conduit can quickly gain market share?

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Why aluminum EMT conduit can quickly gain market share?

Aluminum has always been an ideal choice for electrical conduit needs. With the recent steel price hikes aluminum conduits are more popular than ever before. Lonwow answer to the recent steel price hikes is a full range of aluminum EMT, rigid conduits, couplings and elbows.

New Aluminum EMT Conduit

The Aluminum EMT Conduit is designed to reduce internal resistance when pulling wire. For starters it means you will not need to use wire pulling lubricant. In addition, easier pulling means less labor and quicker installation time.

Moreover, these conduits are rust resistant and recyclable. And that aluminum products are lighter to carry. In addition, according to Aluminum Association Studies around 75% of all aluminum EVER smelted is still in use today. Another great characteristic about aluminum is that it will never rust.

Rigid Aluminum Conduit、Couplings and Elbows

Choosing an aluminum rigid conduit over galvanized steel means thousands of dollars of savings on a typical job. In addition, RMC means less weight and easier installation every time.

Lonwow is a domestic manufacturer specializing in aluminum products. As a pioneer in the market, Lonwow saw the need for a cost-effective alternative to steel conduits. We are very much looking forward to a friendly cooperation with you.

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