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Where can metal conduit be used?

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Where can metal conduit be used?

Lonwow is the world-leading manufacturer of wire and cable protection systems. We carry an extensive inventory of high quality metallic conduits for industrial applications and can supply you with the metallic conduit needed for your wire and cable protection application.

Metallic conduits provide protection for wire and cable in demanding industrial environments for pneumatic, hydraulic, and electrical applications. They are available in a range of metals and profile configurations to offer the features you require:

· Protection against corrosion, oil, grease, liquids, moisture, and gases

· Tensile and mechanical strength for high stress and high wear equipment

· Bending strength to provide needed flexibility and resist kinks

· Heat shielding and protection

· Radiation shielding and protection

· Abrasion resistance

· Reliable performance in high and low temperature environments

· Conductive properties to protect electrical cables

They are used in the following applications:

· Outdoor and underground cabling

· Cleanrooms

· Chemical processing

· Wastewater processing

· Petrochemical processing

· Rail and switch power cabling

· Engine, turbine, and power generation connectors and cabling

· High wear, high stress production and processing machinery

· Hydraulic & pneumatic equipment and cabling

Lonwow’s product can provide superior performance in harsh, hazardous, and high volume environments. Our metallic conduits are cost-effective and economical, offering reliable, durable performance.

At Lonwow, our staff is experienced and knowledgeable, and committed to superior customer service. We provide quick response, fast delivery, and high quality, high performance products to solve your wire and cable protection challenges.  Call today to see how we can help you.

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