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What is the role of electrical conduits?

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What is the role of electrical conduits?

Wire or cable through pipe is in the construction of electrical equipment, for some cables need to pass through the building, underground or easy to damage the cable, the cable needs to pass through the pipe.

The reason for the wire piercing, in accordance with the norms, the wire must be pierced into the conduit during indoor wiring, mainly because:

1. Wiring basics

Wiring through pipes is the basis of "live lines", laying the foundation for future line maintenance, replacement and home intelligence.

2. Protect the insulating layer

Wire threading can prevent damage to the insulation layer of the wire. If directly buried in cement mortar, silicate may corrode the insulation layer of the wire, causing the wire insulation to drop and cause a short circuit;

3. Prevent fire

In case the electrical short circuit causes the wire insulation to catch fire, the wire pipe can prevent the fire from spreading. Because the wire pipe is made of flame-retardant material, it will not burn, and it is usually called "flame-retardant pipe". If you don't use a wire tube, there are other wire materials or flammable materials next to the wire, which is dangerous.

4. Heat dissipation

Because the cross-sectional area of the wire is determined by the load, there is generally a margin when wiring, but it can still alleviate the wire heating caused by special circumstances.

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