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What is electrical conduit?

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What is electrical conduit?

When an electrician or engineer designs wiring at home, he or she first decides what type of wiring to do. Choosing the right type of wiring makes any difficult task easier. Choosing the right electrical conduit is essential in the work of wiring.

The use of this conduit gives the wire a proper passage and protects it from damage from the outside environment for a long time. So today we will see in our today's article what is Electrical Conduit as we will discuss in detail today.

A Conduit made of plastic or metal inside which electrical wire runs smoothly. This is called an electrical conduit. The open wall from the outside is always found in the open environment which protects the cable. It is used for unfinished places such as attics, crawlspaces, basements, and exterior mounts.

At a glance, this conduit looks like an armored cable. Like this Electrical Conduit, the insulated and lost individual wires are enclosed in an armored cable. This cable is used for the AC system. And this is used for open areas.

Conduits are commonly used as a term to describe a system that has a series of electrical conductors. The following are the reasons why duct systems are specially installed:

· Connect the part of the conduit accordingly.

· To act as a bridge outlet for the installed conductor.

· Provide cavities, especially for making taps and pieces in conductors.

· To provide taps especially for branch tube runs.

· To make a 90-degree bend for the run of the hose.

· To provide access for the conductor in terms of future system and maintenance system

·To act as mounting outlets for lighting fixtures and wiring devices.

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