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What is an EMT conduit?

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What is an EMT conduit?

Electrical metallic tubing (EMT), sometimes called "thin-wall," is the most common type of rigid metal conduit used in residential construction. Because it is metal, it can act as the ground connection when it is connected to metal electrical boxes and metal fittings. The tubing comes in 10-foot lengths, which can be joined together with couplings or elbows, conduit bodies, and other fittings.

EMT can be fitted in any number of ways, including mechanical elbows and sweep fittings that can be joined to straight lengths of conduit with union connections. These fittings quickly add to the cost of installation, however, so most pros save money by simply bending straight lengths of conduit to form sweeping angles. In addition to saving money, bent sweeps make it easier to pull wires through the conduit.

EMT couplings hold tubing pieces together and also bond the ground connection between the conduit sections. Couplings come in setscrew and compression types. Setscrew couplings have two screws, one for each piece of the conduit. Compression couplings have retainer rings and screw-on ends that tighten down on the conduit for a tight connection. EMT tubing connects to metal electrical boxes with locknut connectors to make a tight connection that is also electrically conductive.

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