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What is a conduit body used for?

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What is a conduit body used for?

Electrical conduit bodies differ from junction boxes in that they are not required to be individually supported, which can make them very useful in certain practical applications. They can be used to provide pulling access in a run of conduit, to allow more bends to be made in a particular section of conduit, to conserve space .

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A set screw & treaded Conduit Body can be used with threaded rigid/IMC conduit, or EMT conduit, for pulling access or to split a run into multiple directions. Removable cover allows access for maintenance and making taps and splices to conductors. powder-coated finished treatment and water-tight gasket ensure a weatherproof installation.


There are many types of conduit bodies , moisture ratings, and materials, including galvanized steel, aluminum, and PVC. Depending on the material, they use different mechanical methods for securing conduit. Among the types are:

L-shaped bodies ("Ells") include the LB, LL, and LR, where the inlet is in line with the access cover and the outlet is on the back, left and right, respectively. In addition to providing access to wires for pulling, "L" fittings allow a 90 degree turn in conduit where there is insufficient space for a full-radius 90 degree sweep (curved conduit section).

T-shaped bodies ("Tees") feature an inlet in line with the access cover and outlets to both the cover's left and right.

C-shaped bodies ("Cees") have identical openings above and below the access cover, and are used to pull conductors in a straight runs as they make no turn between inlet and outlet.

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