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What are the types of section steel?

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What are the types of section steel?

Section steel is a strip steel with a certain cross-sectional shape and size.

According to the different smelting quality of steel, section steel is divided into ordinary section steel and high-quality section steel. Ordinary section steel is divided into large section steel, medium section steel and small section steel according to the current metal product catalog. Ordinary steel can be divided into I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, round steel, etc. according to its cross-sectional shape.

Large section steel: I-beam, channel steel, angle steel, and flat steel in large section steel are all hot-rolled. In addition to hot-rolled round steel, square steel, and hexagonal steel, there are also forging and cold-drawn.

I-beam, channel steel, and angle steel are widely used in industrial buildings and metal structures, such as factory buildings, bridges, ships, agricultural machinery and vehicle manufacturing, power transmission towers, and transportation machinery. Flat steel is used in construction sites as bridges, house trusses, fences, power transmission ships, vehicles, etc. Round steel and square steel are used as various mechanical parts, agricultural machinery parts, tools, etc.

Medium section steel: Medium section steel, groove, corner, round, flat steel use similar to large section steel.

Small section steel: The processing and use of small section steel's medium angle, round, square and flat steel are similar to that of large section steel. Small diameter round steel is often used as building reinforcement.

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