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What are the types of metal electrical conduits?

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What are the types of metal electrical conduits?

There are different types of metal electrical conduits that are commonly used in residential and other commercial buildings. They are;

Electrical Metallic Tubing

Electrical Metallic Tubing or EMT is a common example of an unbending electric conduit. This type of conduit is made with Aluminum or Galvanized steel. As compared to Rigid Metal Conduit (RMC), it is lighter and thinner but it can also be strong and bendable with using a tube bender tool, so it is known as a thin wall conduit.

The installation of electrical metallic tubing can be done with couplings & fittings that are protected completely through setscrew or compression-type fasteners. Similar to IMC & RMC, EMT is not threaded but these are available in common sizes like ½, ¾ & 1 inch.

These conduits are used most frequently in indoor wiring like residential & commercial buildings. If these conduits are used outdoors in exposed areas, they should be connected through special watertight fittings.

Rigid Metal Conduit

The rigid metal conduit or RMC is very expensively available electrical wiring in the market because it provides extra power & strength. It is made with heavyweight Galvanized Steel and installed with threaded fittings.

This type of conduit is commonly used outdoors for providing safety from damage & also provides structural support to panels, cables & different equipment. These are available in 10 to 20 feet lengths with threads on each side of them.

Intermediate Metal Conduit

A Lightweight & thinner version of RMC is IMC which is used in the same applications as RMC. Because this conduit is lighter & very easier to work as compared to RMC, it is more frequently used in new constructions.

IMC is rated for outside exposure & used for protecting conductors & insulated electrical cables. It is a very economical choice for projects wherever the price is an issue.

Flexible Metal Conduit

FMC (Flexible metal conduit) is available in a spiral construction and it is flexible so that it can simply bend throughout different structures & walls. A typical flexible metal conduit is used in indoor locations which are dried out and used at fixed appliances like a garbage disposer. These conduits are mainly guard’s electrical wiring in industrial & commercial buildings.

The FMC is the best choice to use in different areas and the best examples of basic FMC are water heaters, attic vents, & lights installations.

Liquid-tight Flexible Metal

The liquid-tight flexible metal conduit or LFMC is a special type of FMC. This conduit is available with a plastic coating, so used with sealed fittings to make it waterproof. It is frequently used with outdoor equipment like AC (air conditioner) units. So this type of conduit is mainly designed for utilizing in locations where dampness could become a problem. This type of conduit should be used in combination with liquid-tight fittings.

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