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What are the quality standards and characteristics of metal hoses?

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What are the quality standards and characteristics of metal hoses?

Due to the flexible structure of the metal hose, it is more convenient to use. When many consumers need this kind of hose, they will choose this metal hose. Let yourself be able to buy products that satisfy you when you buy.

The quality standard of metal hose:

1. The metal hose is wound right-handed, and its length is not less than 3m.

2. The specifications in parentheses are not recommended.

3. The stainless steel metal hose is a non-filled metal hose made of stainless steel strip, which is mainly used as a wire protection tube.

4. P3 type stainless steel metal hose without filler made of stainless steel belt, wound from stainless steel belt, used as wire protection tube.

5. The pitch of the metal hose should be flexible and support elasticity, and no obstruction and serious tension elasticity are allowed.

6. No cracks and serious grazing are allowed at the inner and outer buckles of the metal hose.

7. Thickness and theoretical quality of stainless steel strip.

The characteristics of the metal hose are:

1. Flexible metal hose pitches.

2. The metal hose has good flexibility, no blockage and stiffness.

3. The metal hose has light weight and good caliber consistency.

4. The metal hose is flexible, repeatable and flexible.

5. The metal hose has good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

6. The metal hose is resistant to rat bites, abrasion resistance, and prevents internal wires from abrasion.

7. The metal hose has strong bending resistance, tensile resistance and lateral pressure resistance.

8. The metal hose is soft and smooth, easy to thread, install and locate.

There are relatively many types of metal hoses, so when consumers make a purchase, they must purchase according to the model they need to use, so that there will be no problems after use and installation.

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