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What are the characteristics of PVC coated flexible conduit?

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What are the characteristics of PVC coated flexible conduit?

Product description: PVC coated flexible metal conduit

PVC coated flexible metal conduit hose is made of stainless steel hose and galvanized metal hose with a layer of PVC material for cables along the concave and convex surface of the tube wall core. Due to its light weight, excellent flexibility, connection strength with accessories, electrical properties, oil resistance, splash water resistance, etc., PVC coated metal flexible conduit are widely used in electric power, chemical, metallurgical, light industry, machinery and other industries. The specifications are from 6mm to 200mm, and the color is black or gray. Special specifications and colors can be customized.

Product Features

Product material: (inner layer) adopts stainless steel hose or galvanized hose and special insulation treatment; (outer layer) adopts PVC material (anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging).

Product color: black, gray, other colors are available

Working temperature: -40℃~+160℃

Product features: 

1. PVC coated hose has excellent waterproof, insulating and tensile properties.

2. The surface of the PVC coated hose is made of PVC material, and fire retardant is added to the PVC plastic.

3. The structure of the PVC coated hose is single buckle and double buckle type, which increases the tensile strength and is not easy to break or deform.

4. The PVC coated hose has good bending performance and a smooth structure inside, which makes it easy to pass through when threading wires and cables.

5. The PVC coated hose is waterproof, oil-proof, anti-corrosion, and has good sealing performance. The products are beautiful and compact in structure. They are widely used in the protection of wires and electrical appliances in the wiring of precision instruments and meters, electric power, wires, plastics, rubber and other industries.

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