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What are the benefits of stainless steel conduit system?

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What are the benefits of stainless steel conduit system?

1. Stainless steel, of ALL UL approved corrosion‐resistant conduit systems, is the safest & most economical conduit material for year after year dependability.

2. Stainless steel conduit is the proven anti‐corrosion leader where corrosive products are processed and where maintenance or washdown procedures require damaging heat or harsh chemicals.

3. The clear choice is to specify stainless steel conduit systems in all food processing environments, water & wastewater treatment facilities, petrochemical & refining facilities, pulp & paper production, mining, and anywhere that corrosive situations call for superior strength, resistance, durability, or cleanability.

4. PVC’s toxicity makes it unsuitable for use near many food and potable water processes.

5. If the PVC Coating is damaged during installation, even slightly, it will cause the galvanized conduit to be exposed directly to the corrosive environment. This can cause internal corrosion, & may cause deterioration without notice, and you can be left with just the coating.

6. SIMPLE INSTALLATION ‐ Stainless steel requires NO special tools for installation, unlike PVC Coated.

7. NO post installation repairs, unlike PVC Coated

8. Up to 90% of all stainless steel material in a typical installation can be recycled –PVC‐Coated conduit is not considered recyclable.

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