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What are EMT elbows and what are the uses of EMT elbows?

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What are EMT elbows and what are the uses of EMT elbows?

What is an EMT elbow

The EMT elbow is mainly used to connect the EMT straight pipe and change the direction of the pipe. The specifications of EMT elbows range from 1/2"-4", and the bending degrees include 90 degrees, 60 degrees, 45 degrees, 30 degrees, 22.5 degrees, and 15 degrees, or are determined according to customer needs.

The welds on the inner and outer surfaces of the EMT elbow are smooth and flawless. The hot-dip galvanizing process and uniform galvanizing are used, so the corrosion resistance is extremely strong. After galvanizing the EMT elbow, the surface is covered with a transparent coating to further enhance the anti-corrosion ability. EMT elbows are processed from EMT straight pipes in strict accordance with the requirements of the new ANSIC80.3 (UL797) standard.

Features and advantages of EMT elbow

Low cost. Lonwow's EMT tube will not appear seam, zinc exposure, wrinkle or breakage after violent bending. The physical and mechanical characteristics of the EMT tube ensure that it has a long service life, is widely used, is stocked, and the quality is not affected at all.

Smooth inner wall. Lonwow's EMT pipes will grind the inner wall burrs during the production process. After galvanizing, a layer of coating is covered on the surface of the zinc layer to ensure longer life, smoother inner wall, larger wire capacity, and at the same time to ensure The friction is smaller to avoid the line being scratched.

Consistent quality. Lonwow's EMT tube has the advantages of long service life, durability, firmness, and suitable for bending, and it is welded to ensure that the quality strictly meets the standard quality requirements. Lonwow's EMT pipe does not have unqualified raw materials or negligence in quality control during the welding of the steel pipe, so there will be no seams or wrinkles during the bending process. EMT conduit is easy to cut, shape and connect.

Not affected by mechanical use and the environment. The inner and outer walls of Lonwow's EMT pipes are covered with a zinc layer to ensure corrosion resistance.

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