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Is stainless steel a conduit?

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Is stainless steel a conduit?

Stainless conduit is used in many corrosive environments where the conditions can surpass the limitations of traditional galvanized conduit, steel conduit, aluminum conduit, PVC and PVC coated conduit products.


1. High Resistance to Corrosion

Stainless steel (SUS304) construction ensures extreme protection against rust in corrosive areas, such as food processing lines, chemical plants, water treatment plants, seashore plants, etc.

2. Complies with stainless steel pipes

The inner diameter and length meet the requirements of stainless steel. It can be used in combination with steel conduit to achieve more flexible and reliable wiring installation in various applications.

Stainless steel conduit fittings help to form a complete and professional wiring system.

3. Long Lifetime

Conduit systems must remain in a good condition wherever they are installed. Stainless steel conduit delivers a long lifetime and requires little maintenance especially in high altitude installations.

4. Brilliant Appearance

Stainless steel conduit polished to a bright finish for a superior appearance. This ensures an attractive appearance of special importance to food processing lines.


Stainless steel conduit can be used for protecting electronic and electrical wires and cable. Suitable for corrosive environments, including pumps, motors, HVAC systems, machine tools, electrical housings and cabinetry. Good absorption of motion and vibration.

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