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How to cut PVC-coated metal flexible conduit?

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How to cut PVC-coated metal flexible conduit?


1. PVC coated metal hose

2. Electrician's knife

3. Wire cutters


1. In the process of installing lines, if it is a wire circuit with frequent activities, hoses must be used during installation, so that the installation can effectively prevent leakage or short-circuit caused by the abrasion of the wires due to movement.


2. Use a ruler or other objects to measure the length of the required protection circuit. In order to be more accurate, you can connect one end of the wire and then measure the length. The length of the tube cannot be greater than the length of the wire. Equal to or less than is more conducive to operation.


3. After measuring the length, use an electrician's knife to gently cut the plastic skin on the outside of the hose at the position where the length is marked. Pay attention to make a circle on the outer circle of the tube.


4. Gently rotate the scratched position, and at the same time pull the hose with both hands. In this way, the metal inside becomes longer in a spiral shape. Properly open one end of the distance.


5. In this way, wire pliers can be used to cut off the metal band coiled into a hose. Finally, fix the position of the connector so that it is more convenient to insert the wire.


6. This method is simple, fast and safe. It can be regarded as a little trick for cutting hose.


1. Scratching the plastic skin is the easiest way

2. Personal collection is for reference only

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