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How to Bend Electrical Conduit?

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How to Bend Electrical Conduit?

Electrical Conduit

An electrical conduit is a tube in which electrical wires are housed for a variety of building or structural applications. Conduit protects wires as well as any individuals who may come into close proximity to the wires. The US National Electrical Code (NEC), and local building codes, determine whether or not a conduit should be used in a certain installation as well as which type of conduit should be used.

How to Bend Conduit

A person stepping on a metal conduit with a conduit bender tool.

Electrical metallic tubing can be bent with a special conduit bender tool to accommodate a variety of electrical applications. Measure the installation area to determine the angle and length of conduit you need. You’ll also need to calculate the necessary deduct length or takeup, which is the amount of extra length that'll be lost in the bend. This length will vary depending on the diameter of the conduit you’re using, but many conduit benders have guide marks to help you calculate. After you’ve determined the correct deduct length, mark where the bend should go and make any necessary cuts on the end. Use a conduit reamer or other tool to remove any burrs at the end of the conduit. When bending a piece of conduit, keep pressing firmly on the heel of the conduit bender with your foot and pull back on the handle with steady pressure to keep the tool from slipping.

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