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How much do you know about conduit body?

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How much do you know about conduit body?

Lonwow's aluminum conduit bodies, covers and gaskets are available for use with rigid or EMT conduit (with set screw).  Conduit bodies are available in trade sizes 1/2" to 4", in the most popular conduit body shapes (C, LB, LL, LR, T) and 1/2" to 2" in TB and X shapes.

Standard materials:

· Bodies – copper-free aluminum with epoxy powder paint

· Covers – aluminum with stainless steel screws, natural

· Gaskets – neoprene, natural

Design features:

· Die cast copper-free aluminum construction is lightweight and corrosion-resistant for long, reliable service

· Epoxy powder coat finish provides additional corrosion resistance and an aesthetically-pleasing appearance

· Conduit bodies are supplied with threaded hubs for use with rigid/IMC conduit or as a combination body

· Combination bodies are supplied with tri-head set screws for use with EMT or rigid/IMC conduit on trade sizes 1/2” to 2”

· Domed aluminum cover provides additional cubic capacity

· Perforated center gasket that can be easily removed, if desired

· Available in choice of three configurations to match customer preferences

The aluminum conduit bodies are available as components or pre-packaged in various configurations as a assembly. In addition, aluminum conduit bodies are completely interchangeable with other manufacturers.

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