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How do we choose different flexible conduits ?

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Hose is an important component in modern industry. The hose is mainly used as wire and cable protection tube for electric wire, cable, automatic instrument signal and civil shower hose, with specifications from 3mm to 150mm. The small diameter hose (inner diameter 3mm-25mm) is mainly used for the protection of the sensor circuit of the precision optical ruler and the protection of the industrial sensor circuit.


Different types of flexible conduit:

We have three types of flexible conduit. They are galvanized metal flexible conduit, PVC coated flexible conduit and liquid tight flexible conduit. The metal flexible conduit is mainly made of galvanized steel band.The PVC coated flexible conduit and the liquid tight flexible conduit outer layer adopting PVC raw material .Compared with metal conduit such as EMT or IMC, flexible conduit can be installed more quickly and it doesnt need a bender.Liquid tight flexible conduit is available in sizes 10mm to 100mm while PVC coated flexible conduit and galvanized metal flexible conduit are available in sizes 6mm to 150mm.


Applications of flexible conduit:


PVC coated flexible conduit and liquid tight flexible conduit can both be used for wire protection at railways, engines,traffic system engineering, air-conditioners, various machineries, automatic controlling equipment, power plants, chemical industries, power distribution system, communication system, vessels, mansions, factory buildings as well as the outdoors exposed locations. And galvanized metal flexible conduit can be used for wire protection for machines mansions and factory buildings. Besides, the cables bending and beautiful outlook can be ensured.

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Don't forget the fittings:


Flexible conduit also has straight connector and 90 degree connector. And we have two type of material for fittings, zinc and malleable iron.These fittings can be used to bond flexible conduit to a box or enclose.