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How about Rigid Metal Conduit and Tubing?

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How about Rigid Metal Conduit and Tubing?

Lonwow is an Electrical Metal Rigid Conduit Pipe or Tubing Supplier in China.

Electrical Rigid Steel Conduit ( RSC ) Pipe with Hot Dipped Galvanized  ( HDG ) Coating and Rigid Aluminum Conduit complying  to NEMA and UL standard such as ANSI C80.1 ,  ANSI C80.5 , ANSI C80.6 , UL6 , UL6A. This conduit come with Coupling on one end and NPT threaded system on the other end. Rigid Metal Conduit ( RMC ) are often use in Heavy Industries and Explosion Proof application.

Intermediate Metal Conduit ( IMC ) is exactly similar to Rigid Metal Conduit ( RMC ) with Coupling and Threaded side except that the thickness of  IMC is thinner than RMC therefore it is not suitable for usage in heavy industries.

Electrical Metallic Tubing ( EMT ) is another type of Electrical Conduit that do not have any thread or coupling at both end.  This type of conduit are used in Light Industries applications.

All these types of conduit have necessary Accessories and Fitting such as Elbow , Coupling , Flexible Conduit ,  Conduit Hub, Bushing etc required for Cable Termination and Installation to ensure Watertight and Liquid tight which are IP65 , IP66 and IP67 rated. For Explosion Proof Application, Straight Rigid Steel or Rigid Aluminum Conduit must be used together with suitable explosion proof accessories and Fitting must be used.

Please email and contact us for the range of suitable accessories and fitting for your requirements.

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