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Different ways to bend conduit

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Different ways to bend conduit

There are many different types of conduit and different bending methods. It is important to choose the best method to bend conduit used for electrical wiring projects.

Bending the conduit can not only save you time, but also save money. However, it requires some professional tools to complete correctly.

1. Hand bender

Thin wall conduits can be bent to a maximum diameter of 1 inch using a manual pipe bender. It is impossible to bend anything thicker than this with a manual pipe bender because it is not strong enough. Instead, hydraulic pipe bender is required.

Using a manual pipe bender is a very simple solution, but you must be aware of how much pressure is applied to the pipe when bending it. Simply place the conduit into the pipe bender until the bending point is aligned with the arrow on the hand-held pipe bender. Then use the handle and manually bend the tubing to press it into the correct shape.

2. Hydraulic pipe bender

Hydraulic pipe bender is a more modern solution to the problem of bending pipe. The hydraulic cylinder forces the guide tube into the molding, pushing the guide tube into the correct angle.

The new dyes can be used to make the catheter have different angles and curves. This makes the hydraulic bending machine almost suitable for all work. However, these are very heavy machines.

3. Bend your knees

Bending the conduit by pressing it on your knee will not give you extremely accurate results. In fact, the only thing you can do is judge the curve with your eyes.

4. Hose

If you don't like the idea of bending electrical conduit, you can actually make this easier and simpler if you use flexible conduit. This can be bent to the correct shape without using any form of bending or other solutions. This will really simplify the process of installing conduit around your house without worrying about bending anything.

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