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Advantages of EMT threading pipe produced by LONWOW

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Advantages of EMT threading pipe produced by LONWOW

   The UL certified American standard EMT threading pipe produced by Lonwow Industry Co., Ltd. uses a unique hot-dip galvanizing technology to make the internal and external surfaces of the product evenly galvanized, the zinc layer has strong adhesion, and the surface is covered with a layer of transparent coating, which makes the product have extremely strong anti-corrosion ability. At the same time, the unique deburring technology makes the weld on the inner surface of the product smooth, which can effectively eliminate the scratch on the cable skin.

   Excellent quality: long service life, durable, strong strength, strong adaptability to harsh environment. Welding shall be adopted to ensure that the quality standards are met. The inner surface of the pipeline is free of obstacles and is particularly smooth, which is convenient for pushing and pulling the cable and reduces the friction between the pipe wall and the cable. The product is easy to cut, shape and connect.

   Smooth pipe body: the ID flash is removed from the pipes produced by us during pipe making, and the ID in the zinc slag is removed after galvanizing, providing excellent smoothness and more wire capacity, while there is no trouble of peeling wire.

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